Show Flats – Nottingham

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Andy, a Developer in Nottingham, contacted me to prepare a Showhome in his recent development. He had converted a 3-storey house into three flats. He wanted the ground floor flat to be the Showhome, and I suggested that everything I purchased should be suitable for any of the flats, as my experience is that the Showhome often sells first, so we could simply move everything up a level, to form a new Showhome. This worked perfectly…

“Good news; we have received an offer at the asking price for flat 1!              Can you come and move everything up into flat 2 now please?”

“Great job as always.  I visited yesterday and the flat has a lovely feel, I am delighted.

It’s such a pleasure to work with someone who delivers on their promises – spot on!”

Andy Duncombe, Magic Properties Ltd